Creating Impactful Documentaries

We excel in exploring voluminous topics, creating informative and engaging videos. From challenging conditions to meticulous pre-production (themes, storyboards, scripts), we ensure excellence.

Our documentaries embrace a range of footage: interviews, timelapse, dazzling drone shots, professional voiceovers, and immersive POVs. In post-production, we elevate the result with polished motion graphics, captivating intros, outros, captions, tags, and more.

We deliver videos in FullHD quality in landscape and portrait formats, with flexibility for other aspect ratios and higher (4K) quality. In addition, we offer footage for local television and provide professional photographic services.

Our specialization

  • Precise pre-production

  • Mastering wide range of topics

  • Working in challenging conditions

Key expertise

  • Elevating results with graphics

  • Systematic communication with our client

  • Utilizing footage for maximum effect

Live performance

Capturing live performance with professional precision.

Music video editing

Expert music video editing that amplifies the excitement of the footage.

Digital content

Engaging online content marketing driven by professional footage.